How to Find Balance in Life Through #Meditation and #AuraHealing?

I would want to share my own experience using some of the techniques outlined in the previous blog to #CleanseTheAura in today’s blog.ย 

I experienced very little to absolutely no stress or pressure to do well throughout my academic career. You all may share the opinion that your college years were the best of your life. During my early career, I occasionally practiced meditation. But neither the circumstances of life nor all days are created equal. All potential bad feelings, such as #anger, #greed, #ego, arguments in relationships, #frustration, #anxiety, #fear, #hate, #jealousy, etc., immediately surfaced before me once I began the era of establishing my career and earning after completing my education. Such feelings began to overwhelm me. First time in my life, I had all those conflicting feelings, which startled me.

Problems of Life

I came across the idea of #HealingTheAura, which is helpful in reducing negative thoughts, in one lovely day. I discovered the significance of the earth, sky, and fire in that concept, which was discussed in the previous blog. If you have not already, I recommend reading the blog post titled “How do you #CleanseTheAura?” (Click Here to Read)

I started implementing the #CleanseTheAura procedures. I used to spend a half-hour staring at the sky or a diya after arriving home after work. However, I was unable to implement it into my daily routine on a consistent basis, and I utterly failed in my attempt to #CleanseTheAura.

I paid my pal Hrishikesh’s house a visit in August 2013. We both had treks and trail explorations scheduled during the monsoon season. I told him that I had failed to take all those precautions. Then, rather than adhering to a specific time zone, he advised me to incorporate all those measures into my lifestyle and insisted that I begin practicing meditation daily. I know you are all curious about how I am incorporating the changes into my lifestyle.ย 

1. #SkyGazing: Observing the sky for five minutes per hour while at work.

2. #SaltBaths: On stressful workdays, taking a bath in water infused with Epsom or sea salt.

3. #Fire: For quick respite from rage or aggravation, spend 5โ€“10 minutes gazing at a diya’s flame.

4. #SoundHealing: Dispelling unfavorable ideas by listening to Indian classical music.

5. #Meditation: Spending 30 minutes in meditation at dawn to boost good vibes.

6. Personal workspace: I keep a bowl of sea salt and a diya (light) on my desk in my own office.

7. Maintaining a sense of connectedness with nature by watering plants first thing in the morning.

This #TinyChanges in a Day progressively began to have a positive effect on me, and I gradually started becoming more conscious of my feelings. I was able to handle such emotions considerably better because of self-awareness. Over time, I will no longer need to remind myself to perform all those tasks.

Try the aforementioned options as well. You might or might not be able to follow this, though. You will need to work out your own methods that work for you. From personal experience, I can promise you that making the aforementioned modest lifestyle adjustments will make you feel more #energetic, #peaceful, #relaxed, and filled with #PositiveEnergy. You will be able to #HealTheAura as a result.

Does this mean we will not have any rage problems, frustration, or other such bad emotions? Does that imply we will not encounter any problems?

In my upcoming blog, I will discuss the answer to this question.

I would love to hear from all of you, would you like to incorporate the aforementioned options into your life? how will such minor adjustments benefit you?

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11 thoughts on “How to Find Balance in Life Through #Meditation and #AuraHealing?”

  1. This is really helpful for mankind when someone is really follow this ideas, it’s just small things but the impact is very big๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

  2. Good ideas to follow in daily life.
    Watering plants in the morning does keep one connected with nature and begins our day on a peaceful note.
    Time to start implementing them.
    Thanks for sharing them. โ˜บ

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