How do you #cleanse the aura?

Cleanse Aura

Our aura is an extension of ourselves, reflecting our emotions, thoughts, and overall well-being. It is critical to clean and purify our aura on a regular basis, just as we do our physical bodies.  In this article, we will look at several practical strategies for cleansing our auras and allowing our inner brightness to shine brighter. There may be several cleansing procedures, but I will give what I know:

1) Nature’s Lap: This is one of the simplest ways to #purify our aura. Nature’s Lap consists of four aspects that, when practised frequently, may considerably assist us in cleaning our aura. It is also entirely free for all of us to use. Earth, Sky, Water, and Fire are the four elements. You may be wondering how these factors may be of such tremendous assistance. Please allow me to elaborate.

#Gravity is one of the main components associated with Earth. So, just sitting on the soil for half an hour every day helps to lessen thoughts, which in turn helps to purify our aura. Negative ideas and energy are removed by gravity.

The sky is limitless. It is nearly hard to think when we look at the sky for a few minutes. It induces a condition of non-thought. During my childhood, my grandma would take me to the building’s terrace and tell me stories about the many constellations. Because of the medium of the tale, my attention was drawn towards the sky, which finally allowed me to be in a state of no-thought.

#Water: I believe we have all had the experience in our daily lives of feeling so refreshed and invigorated just by taking a shower. This is a fantastic approach to cleanse our aura of any bad energy.

#Fire: Fire components are present in all religions in some form or another. Simply seeing the flames causes our thoughts to fade gradually, and we become mindless. 

You may be wondering why we feel happy when we visit mountains, coastlines, rivers, or other natural areas. We have a tendency to become careless, which enables us to recharge and radiate our vitality.

2) #SaltBaths: Taking a bath soaked with sea salt or Epsom salt may be a great way to cleanse both your physical and energetic systems. Allow water to wash your negativity or anxiety away.

3) #SoundHealing: Experiment with chanting mantras and classical music, either instrumental or vocal, to wash away negativity and purify our aura.

If we undertake the above actions on a regular basis, it will undoubtedly assist us to purify our aura to a greater extent. Apart from above there are many other techniques as well. As we discussed in an earlier article, aura is created by our thoughts; the actions listed above may be of assistance from outside sources. Our inner ideas, on the other hand, have an effect on our aura. The activities listed above will function similarly to pain relief medications in that they will not necessarily cure but will provide temporary comfort. Because there has been no or little change within our inner selves. To purify aura permanently, one must first modify one’s inner self.

So, the issue is, what is the long-term solution?

The only permanent cure would be to shift our inner being from negative to positive and from positive to thoughtless. This may appear to be a daunting task, but believe me, it is not. The journey takes a little longer, but it is well worth the wait in terms of general well-being. Please be patient!! You’re all eager to learn about a lasting solution.

#Meditation, in my opinion, is the only lasting method that can help us transform from the inside and, ultimately, clear our aura. When we meditate for an extended length of time, our aura is cleansed, and we can plainly perceive the changes in ourselves, which may also be seen by others.

To be more energetic, calm and relaxed, we can try above techniques along with meditation. That will be like “Sone pe Suhaga”. In next blog, I would love to share my experiences on how above techniques when done along with meditation is useful in daily life.

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  1. Such an enlightening blog! Got to know umpteen new things! Shall definitely practise all the techniques you’ve mentioned! Thank you so much for making us aware 💯✨

  2. Hrishikesh Joshi

    Very well researched.. everything is easy to follow and it will help readers to embrace spirituality with more practical approach

  3. Twinkle Pithadia

    The last paragraph, “Techniques along with meditation is sone pe suhaga is absolute truth you’ve said.
    Sending you best wishes,
    Keep going on✨

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  5. Such well researched and insightful blog. Thanks for sharing ways to cleanse your aura. Worth implementing in daily life.
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