The Detachment Diaries: The Soul’s Light

Hello Spiritual Seekers!

I trust you’re all doing fantastic! Apologies for this slightly delayed post – life has been quite the rollercoaster lately. But hey, every twist and turn has taught me something profoundly beautiful that I can’t wait to share with you! It’s a gem of an experience that can help you find stability no matter what life throws your way.

Are you still keeping up with the 30-minute daily meditation challenge we threw at you in our last blog? (If you missed it, catch up here)

Life tends to throw a mixed bag of emotions our way – from betrayal and anger to moments of pure joy and kindness. We often end up riding the seesaw of these emotions, forgetting to truly savor life. It’s no wonder people sometimes complain that life is boring or that they’re fed up. This dissatisfaction can lead us down a toxic path if we’re not careful.

So, let’s rewind to a crucial decision-making phase in the Sansarik World. The first day felt like a trip through hell, and by evening, I found myself questioning if every situation had to leave a lasting impact. What if I could detach myself and just observe? The answers came through a friend turned guru-bandhu. (Guru-Bandhu: Friend in spiritual wisdom)

Me: I’m drowning in this chaos. Is it necessary for every situation to impact my life?

Guru-Bandhu: (Smiling) Ah, my friend, let’s delve into this. Sit down; it’s time for a mind-expanding chat.

Me: (Perplexed) I’m all ears.

Guru-Bandhu: (Soothingly) You see, it’s entirely possible to break free from the clutches of negative emotions. You have the power to choose what impacts you, rather than being tossed around by circumstances.

Me: (Skeptical) But how? What’s the process?

Guru-Bandhu: (Chuckles) The very idea of needing a process is a googly ball from your ego (“I”). There’s no step-by-step guide. It happens automatically when you become fully aware of the situation.

Me: (Confused) So, no process?

Guru-Bandhu: Imagine, you’re in a dark room, firmly holding what you believe is a rope. People outside are yelling, urging you to drop the snake, not a rope. You insist it’s just a rope. Then, someone lights up the room, and you see the truth. You drop the snake without external instructions. Similarly, external situations are the dark room, and realizing your pure soul is the light that allows you to effortlessly detach from worldly matters.

Me: (Still skeptical) Detaching sounds great, but how do I do it?

Guru-Bandhu: (Laughs heartily) You’re trying to hit a googly ball again. The need to know the process is your ego talking. There’s no method. Once you embrace the awareness of the situation, detachment becomes natural.

Me: (Lost) I don’t get it.

Guru-Bandhu: (Wisely) Imagine being a silent observer. Whatever situations you face are mere external matters of the body. You are the pure soul, untouched by externalities. Once you firmly believe this, detachment from worldly matters becomes easy. You become an observer, untouched by the feeling of hell.

Me: (Lightbulb moment) So, it’s about being aware and seeing things for what they truly are?

Guru-Bandhu: (Nods) Precisely. It’s about being the person in the room who lights up the darkness, seeing the snake for what it is, and effortlessly dropping it. You’re not asking how to drop it; you just do.

Me: (Enlightened) Wow. That’s profound.

With this newfound understanding, I detached myself from my rollercoaster ride on the second day. Instantly, the feeling of hell vanished, replaced by a serene calmness, and negativity had no room in my mind.

 “Your soul is the light in the dark room of worldly matters. Embrace it and detach effortlessly.”

– Jugal Solanki

This key applies not only to challenging situations but also to the good times. As souls, we can observe without being touched by either positive or negative emotions. Practicing this regularly turns us into permanent residents of our inner world, always calm and relaxed, expressing emotions that originate from within – true joy, calmness, happiness, surrender, and more.

So, as we navigate through life’s ups and downs, let’s strive to be aware, to detach ourselves, and become silent observers. It doesn’t mean we won’t feel anger or greed, but we’ll regain balance quickly, thanks to our soul-centric perspective.

I recently faced a rough phase and emerged from it within a day. If I can do it, so can you. It’s all about practice and the time you dedicate to yourself.

Don’t miss the chance to explore those inner feelings by practicing being a soul, not just a body. Share your experiences with me – how have challenging situations impacted you, and what measures have you taken to overcome them? What are your thoughts on this technique?

Until our next blog, sayonara! If you have a specific topic, you’d like me to cover, shoot me an email at

Looking forward to our next blog.

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    1. Thank you so much! I’m thrilled you enjoyed the read. If you have any thoughts or experiences to share, feel free to let me know. Happy reading! 🌟😊

  1. juagl aaj cha blog pan khup chan hota .mi pan aata keval aatma asanycha sarav suru karet aahe. jivanacha khara aanada aatma shanti tula labho . Thank u for sharing u r thought for us .jay baba swami :pray::pray:

    1. Arati, tuzha samarthan khup mahatvacha ahe! Khara, aatma shanti jivanacha vishesh aananda aste. Mi khup khush ahe ki tu mazya blog cha anand ghetlas. Dhanyavaad! :pray::pray: Jay Baba Swami! 🙏🌟

    1. Yashika, your appreciation means the world! I’m thrilled you loved the blog. Your kind words inspire me to keep sharing. Thank you for being part of this journey! 🌟😊

  2. one of the finest blog because at the end whatever we are doing in our life the main thing is to exprees your emotions this blog is definitely come to the inner space happy soul always good content keeep it up❤

    1. Hritik, your words warmed my heart! Expressing emotions and nurturing the inner space is indeed the essence of a happy soul. I’m so glad you resonated with the blog. Your encouragement keeps the content flowing. Thank you for the kind words! ❤️🙏

    1. Devendra, appreciate your kind words! If you have any questions or thoughts to share, feel free. Happy you enjoyed the detailed explanation! 😊🌟

  3. WOW ! One of your best blogs. This sentence “Once you embrace the awareness of the situation, detachment becomes natural.” holds so much importance and need to ingrain within oneself. Thanks for throwing light on such a vital topic and hope you always be on the side of light. Awesome blog.

    1. Kiran, your WOW made my day! 🌟 I’m thrilled you found value in the blog, especially in the essence of embracing awareness for natural detachment. Your kind words fuel the light in my writing. Grateful for your support! ✨🙏

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