Self-Discovery Rollercoaster: Know Thyself!

Hey Spiritual Seekers,

Guess what time it is as I write this – 07:30 AM! Why am I telling you this? Because right now, I’m basking in the glorious hues of the sunrise. It’s a magical experience that words fail to capture. You’ve got to witness it to feel the vibes!

Now, I trust you’ve been diving into the art of witnessing as we discussed in our last rendezvous. If not, no worries, catch up here. (Click Here for Previous Blog on Art of Witnessing)

The response from the last blog was fantastic! So many of you are embarking on the journey of witnessing, and that brings me immense joy. Cheers to all the spiritual warriors out there!

Let’s dive into the questions that flooded in:

– Who’s doing the witnessing, and who’s being witnessed?

– Are we leading a double life, one as an observer and one as a doer?

Witnessing sometimes gets a bit mentally chaotic – any quick fixes?

– Are we and our thoughts like distant relatives?

Hold on tight, because today’s blog is unraveling these mysteries. The key? Knowing thyself. Buckle up for this thrilling rollercoaster ride!

As you embark on the witnessing journey, questions like these will pop up sooner or later. Let’s first dip our toes into the theoretical wisdom from ancient scriptures. According to these sacred texts, we are souls residing in these bodies. Yes, two identities – the soul and the body. The body, a mere tool for the soul. Ever noticed how, once the soul bids farewell, the body becomes redundant, leading us to those solemn cremation rituals?

Now, I won’t just ask you to blindly buy into ancient wisdom. Nah, that’s not our style. The real magic happens when you experience it yourself. And boy, does it take courage and consistency!

Speaking of experiences, I recently ventured into the Himalayan Meditation Mega Shibir in December 2023. His Holiness Shree Shivkrupanand Swami dropped some serious knowledge on how to know oneself. I tried it, loved it, and now I’m urging you to give it a shot.

“Witness the sunrise within to understand the hues of your soul.”

– Jugal Solanki

Two practical methods await you – Knowing and Proving.

Knowing involves questioning yourself:

– Find a quiet spot, 10 feet from any fellow human.

– Think bedroom, garden, mountains, or beaches.

– Sit for 30 minutes daily.

– A pre-sit bath is gold.

– Lotus posture is cool, but a chair works too.

– Light a lamp if you can.

– Ask yourself three questions three times: “Who am I? From where do I come? What is my purpose of birth?”

Proving, a more scientific approach. In this, we temporarily assume a belief, and if our experiences align with it, we conclude that our initial assumption was correct. This method mirrors the scientific approach often seen in disciplines like mathematics. For instance, when solving an equation, we assume a value for x, work through the problem, and then declare, Hence proved, the value of x is so and so.

– Same setup as Knowing.

– Instead of questions, repeat three times: “I am Holy Soul, and I am Pure Soul.”

– Believe it during the experiment.

Now, after this self-chat, pay attention to the vibes. Cold breeze on your palm, spine tingles, or hot breezes might make a guest appearance. The experiences vary, but trust me, you’ll feel something.

Wondering when to embark on this cosmic adventure? Anytime works, but sunrise and sunset are bonus times. And hey, if life gets in the way, no worries, find your convenient slot.

After a few days, you’ll realize – we’re souls, not just bodies.

Now, onto your burning questions:

Q:Who’s witnessing whom?

A: The soul witnesses’ thoughts spawned by our minds.

Q: Are we leading a double life?

A: Absolutely, in a strict sense. The soul observes, and the body acts. No, it’s not a split personality disorder, chill!

Q:Witnessing gets mentally wild sometimes – help!

A: True, but it happens when you’re thinking instead of just witnessing. Take five deep breaths and dive back into witnessing those thoughts.

Q: Are we and our thoughts distant relatives?

A: Indeed, we, the soul, are thought-free. Thoughts are the brainchild of our bodies.

Your next challenge? 30 minutes a day. Choose your method and stick with it for 45 days. Get ready for some mind-blowing experiences!

Hope you enjoyed this deep dive into self-discovery. Got a burning topic for the next blog?
Drop me a line at

Until our next adventure, adios! May the month ahead be utterly fabulous!

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7 thoughts on “Self-Discovery Rollercoaster: Know Thyself!”

  1. jugal aaj blog tar khup chan hota ch pan mala ase watele ki mi Robin Sharma cha book read karte aahe .jugal tuzi writing skill khup khup improve zali aahe .aujn ek secret sangate tuza blog read kartana mazya hatavar vibrations feel hot hote kiti chan anubhuti hoti ti kadachit tu Aashram madhun ha blog write ✍ karat hota .aani mazya aadhyatamik pragati madhe tuzya blog cha mala khup khup help hota aahe tya baddal thank u for that aani thank u swamiji too keep writing ✍ jay baba swami :rose:

    1. Arati, tuza feedback khup motivating ahe! Thanks a lot for your kind words. Super happy ki mazya blog tula vibrations feel karalet. 🙏 Excited to continue this spiritual journey together! Jay Baba Swami! 🌹

  2. Harsha M.Solanki

    શું કહું?કંઈ શબ્દ નથી ફક્ત એટલું જ કે બહુ ……….. જ સરસ લખ્યું છે જે અનુભવ્યું છે એજ લખાયું છે એવું લાગે છે વાચવા થી વાઈબ્રેશન ફીલ થાય છે
    હું કાલ થી ૧/૨ કલાક એકાંત માં બેસી ને વિચારો નું અવલોકન કરું છું

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  4. Thanks for sharing your views and further elaborating on the art of witnessing.
    The two methods knowing and proving are described step wise which help in implementing same in our life. Thanks for making it easier.
    Hope to read more such blogs from you.

    1. Kiran, I’m delighted you appreciated the insights on witnessing and the step-by-step approach. Your encouragement fuels my passion for sharing. Stay tuned for more! Thank you for your kind words! 🌟😊

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