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Hello, Amazing Souls!

As we revel in the vibrant festival of lights, Deepavali, I extend heartfelt wishes to you and your loved ones for Subha Deepavali.

Today, let’s dive into a topic that’s as intriguing as it is transformative—our surroundings and their profound impact on us. Whether we realize it or not, our environment can shape us in ways both positive and negative. Recently, my explorations led me to a fascinating revelation: you can decode a person by examining not just their surroundings but the energy they share with those closest to them.

Back in my teenage years, the elders often emphasized the importance of choosing wise friends. They claimed that our circle reflects our inner selves. At that time, I dismissed this idea, thinking friendships form randomly. But, as life unfolded, I discovered that our choices are not as arbitrary as they seem. The energy we resonate with is so subtle that it influences our connections without us consciously realizing it.

Dust settling in a particular spot in your home, or two smokers finding camaraderie beyond barriers of caste or religion. Ever wondered why? It’s the magic of energy attraction.

We naturally gravitate toward environments and people with similar energy. If our vibe isn’t all sunshine and rainbows, breaking free from the cycle can feel like navigating a labyrinth. Fear not; I’ll share a solution shortly. First, let’s unpack what I mean by ‘surroundings.’

Have you ever scrutinized your environment? From your room to your social circle, every element leaves an imprint on your habits, decisions, and overall personality. It extends to your idols and who you aspire to be. The energy around us can be categorized say as A, B, or C. If our surroundings predominantly radiate energy A, our internal energy A gets a significant boost. The more exposure, the more we embody it. Hence, choosing our surroundings and influencers requires thoughtful consideration.

Many folks act in accordance with their surroundings, letting external energies dictate their every move. Breaking free from this influence demands introspection. To truly govern ourselves, we must observe our habits, decisions, and choices. Initially, answers might elude us, but awareness gradually dawns.

For me, meditation is the gateway to this awareness. Just 30 minutes a day can work wonders. Some ask if more time equals more benefits. I counter with a question: does charging your phone for three hours give it 200% battery? Spiritually charging requires only 30 minutes of meditation.

As we make meditation a habit, our thoughts and choices become visible. What once seemed random reveals itself as a conscious act.

“In the dance of life, your surroundings are the partners. Choose the rhythm that resonates with your soul.”

– Jugal Solanki

Now, let’s address the million-dollar question: How do we change the energy in our surroundings? Two approaches beckon.

1) Inside Out Approach:

Transform your inner energy through spiritual practices. This is a gradual journey, but as your internal energy evolves, so will your external surroundings. A shift in your circle of friends and favorite places will herald a positive transformation.

2) Outside In Approach:

When selecting friends and idols, be conscious of how external influences shape your inner self. Actively change your habits and connections to attract positive energy from the outside, fostering positivity within.

Changing the external environment is challenging, as we lack control over every situation. Despite its challenges, this approach yields faster results than the first.

Personally, I lean towards the Inside Out approach. Changing within is easier, and though progress may be slower, I’d rather invest my energy in self-transformation than attempting to control the external.

Unlocking the mysteries of your soul or someone else’s is as simple as gazing into the lives of the Fabulous Five—the individuals who monopolize your or their precious time. These aren’t just any five folks; they’re the keyholders to the kingdom of your essence, the architects of who you or they are destined to become. Embrace the truth: within the orbit of those five lives, a mirrored reflection of identity and destiny unfolds, revealing the cosmic dance of interconnected souls.

In this blog, we’ve delved into the significance of our surroundings and their impact. We’ve explored two approaches to break free from the cycle of transformation. In the next blog, I’ll share my latest meditation experiences. Let me know which approach resonates with you or if you have another in mind.

Until the next blog, Adieu, and Subha Deepavali to you and your loved ones.

I offer my prayers to the Parmatma that, on this auspicious Deepavali, the inner diya of self-realization illuminates within you, awakening a new understanding.

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