Ripples of Awareness: How Water and Sound Shape our Spiritual Journey


Hello Spiritual Seekers,

I trust you all had a spiritually enriching Navratri, engaging in profound Sadhana. Today marks Dusshera, the pinnacle of truth triumphing over evil. While the significance of this day is well-known, let’s dive into a different topic today. But first, my warmest wishes to you and your loved ones on this auspicious occasion of Dusshera!

Unraveling the Mystery: “Bura Mat Sunno

Have you ever been advised by your elders, “Bura Mat Sunno” (Don’t listen to negativity)? Undoubtedly, most of us have received such counsel from teachers, parents, and elders. But why? Today, I’ll delve into this topic in detail, so fasten your seatbelts as this blog might be a tad longer than usual.

Dr. Emoto’s Revelations and the Power of Water

I recently came across the fascinating studies of Dr. Masaru Emoto. His research unveiled that the molecular structure of water changes based on the sounds or words it is exposed to. The implications of different sounds on water and its molecular structure are quite intriguing. Dr. Emoto concluded that water possesses memory, going beyond its H2O composition. While my scientific background might not delve deep into such experiments, I sense a connection between Dr. Emoto’s studies and the ancient stories and scriptures we hold dear. I’ll touch upon this in a moment.

Regardless of belief, water plays a vital role in our lives. It quenches our thirst, rejuvenates us during a bath, and, according to science, constitutes about 70% of our bodies. If we consider Dr. Emoto’s study, our thoughts and what we hear significantly impact our bodies and minds due to the substantial amount of water within us.

So, the admonition of “Bura Mat Sunno” isn’t merely superficial. Instead, it’s profoundly practical—what we listen to affects us at our core. Therefore, our elders wisely caution us against negativity.

Connecting the Dots: Water, Resolutions, and Truth

To bridge the connection between Dr. Emoto’s study and ancient scriptures, recall the instances when saints blessed or cursed someone. They often held water in their hands and sprinkled it on others, symbolizing that their resolutions, empowered by water, become truth. Water captures the energy and retains the memory until it’s shared.

In summary:

– Water captures emotions and impacts us accordingly.

– Water has memory (albeit relatively short-lived).

– Our thoughts, surroundings, and what we hear influence the water within us, impacting our body and mind.

“Listen up, because this is the real deal: the tunes we groove to and the thoughts we entertain shape our destiny.”

– Jugal Solanki

Now, let’s move beyond the theory and explore how to apply this knowledge in our daily lives:

Harmonizing Life: The Impact of Music on Water

Kickstart your mornings by tuning in to Bhajans or Classical Music. Not only will this create a positive impact, but it will also serve as an energy booster for both your mind and body. (The harmonious chords and melodies have a profound effect on the water within your body.)

A Ritual of Purification: Water, Prayer, and Healing

While bathing, immerse both palms in the water and offer a prayer. Envision this water not only cleansing your mind and body but also purifying your soul—a secret healing ritual that can bring tremendous benefits to your life.

Gratitude Infusion: Water as a Source of Satisfaction

Before sipping your water, take a moment to hold the glass, gaze at the water, and express gratitude for life. Infuse the water with thankful emotions, and as you drink it, experience a sense of relaxation and complete satisfaction.

Cultural Significance: Mantras, Rituals, and Heritage

Incorporate the rich traditions of our culture by chanting your Guru’s Mantra or a Vedic Mantra before drinking or bathing. Recognize the significance of these rituals in fostering a connection with our heritage.

Mindful Hydration: Balancing Emotions and Water

When confronted with negative words or emotions that impact you, resist the immediate urge to drink water. Instead, find balance before hydrating. Drinking water in a state of equilibrium prevents the multiplication of negative emotions within.

In all these practices, be mindful of triggered emotions that may affect the water inside your body. Cultivate awareness of your thoughts, and rather than getting entangled, simply observe.

Remember, every sound—music, words, or otherwise—affects us internally. To shield ourselves from external influences, be mindful of our thoughts, achievable through meditation.

Crafting Your Symphony: The Power of Beats and Thoughts

Listen up, because this is the real deal: the tunes we groove to and the thoughts we let roam in our heads shape who we’re going to become. Life’s like a playlist, and every choice in what we hear and think is a brushstroke on the canvas of our future. So, buckle up, because we’re the ones crafting our own story, one beat and thought at a time!

An Unforeseen Journey: Sound, Ambulance, and Awareness

Allow me to conclude with a personal experience from March 2023. While traveling from Dandi, Navsari (Gujarat) in the cozy confines of a rented Ertiga car, fatigue set in, prompting me to surrender to sleep. But, amid the rhythmic hum of the engine, a subtle pain in my chest and an uneasy feeling disrupted my peaceful nap.

As I dozed, a persistent sound, initially distant, gradually grew louder. Startled awake, I saw flashing lights through the window—an ambulance was racing ahead, its siren piercing the air. The realization hit me: the chest pain wasn’t a physical ailment but a response to the distressing sound of the cardiac ambulance.

Quickly, I urged our driver to detach from the ambulance’s tail. As we distanced ourselves, the pain subsided. Later, our driver revealed he had intentionally followed the ambulance to avoid potential traffic jams.

This unexpected adventure serves as a reminder—a symphony of life surrounds us, influencing our well-being in subtle ways.

I’ll return in the next blog with more details on how the environment surrounding us impacts us and how to be positive in such a scenario. Meanwhile, share your spiritual experiences related to the impact of sound and water.

Stay Positive! Stay Mindful! 

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