Mystical Reunion: Exploring Shared Past in Meditation

Cave Meditation

Hey Lovely Souls,

Hope your Diwali was a blast, filled with joy and lights. The magic of Diwali isn’t just in the festivities but in the energy it spreads all around.

As promised, here’s the latest scoop on my meditation journey. But before we dive in, shoutout to all of you who drop me emails about navigating the spiritual waters. Good news alert – by the end of this month, I’m unveiling the Spiritual Index Score. It’s like your spiritual GPS, helping you navigate the mystic realms.

Now, let me teleport you back to October when I hit up Puttaparthi in Andhra Pradesh. (For the juicy deets on that trip, check out the full story – Click to Read).

Every year on November 8th, I usually rock up to the Chaitanya Mahotsav, a birthday bash for Shree Shivkrupanand Swamiji, celebrated by his devotees. This time, I felt like I’d already caught the Chaitanya Mahotsav vibe during my visit to Puttaparthi. So, I was like, ‘Nah, skipping it this time.’ But the universe had other plans.

Around Dusshera, my buddy Sanjiv Bhai, who had survived a 45-day meditation camp with me, dropped me a text: “Booked your ticket for Chaitanya Mahotsav?” I’m all casual, “Not yet, bro. Haven’t decided if I’m feeling it.” He hits me with, “Just book it, man. Worst case, cancel later.” Ticket booked post-Navratri, and informed him about my bookings.

A quick reminder – in a previous blog, I introduced my friend Prashant Muni Ji, a Jain Monk, and my spiritual buddy since 2015. Coincidentally, he was in the same city as the Chaitanya Mahotsav. Jackpot! I decided on a surprise visit, keeping him in the dark about my plans. On November 9th, with the squad – my wife, Sanjiv Bhai, and his wife – we showed up at Prashant Muni Ji’s place at 6:40 PM. The joy and vibes in that moment were off the charts. It felt like the reunion of Krishna and Sudama.

As the clock hit meditation o’clock, we all cozied up with two other monks, ready for our mind-trip into tranquility. The meditation party kicked off at 06:50 PM, turning our meditation room into a mystical dark chamber for a solid 30 minutes. In the midst of this darkness, a quirky feeling tickled me – like we were all connected through some cosmic buddy system from way back. My inner skeptic scoffed, ‘Are you daydreaming, buddy?’ But five minutes later, that cosmic feeling was still on, and I decided to ride the emotion wave, keeping my radar on for where it might take me.

Next thing I knew, a fuzzy scene unfolded – a mountain standing tall, wrapped in the cloak of night, hugged by a thick forest. In the rocky party zone, there was a patch flaunting some serious rock vibes. Zooming in, I spotted an oval-shaped hole in the rocky hotspot – an ancient cave. With a mix of courage and curiosity, I tiptoed in, greeted by the glow of a not-so-bright flambeau at the entrance. Further inside, the cave turned pitch dark. I pondered the existence of whoever lit the flambeau. A bit more snooping revealed a couple of burning wood pieces on the ground, doing their flame dance at a chill pace. Despite my efforts, the occupants remained elusive.

Gradually, the silhouette of 6-7 figures emerged, seated in meditation within the cave’s confines. Each person maintained a one-hand space between them. Driven by curiosity, I sought answers about their identity, origins, and more. The revelation struck – these cave dwellers mirrored the exact individuals currently meditating in the room.

Destiny gracefully nudged me, unveiling a profound connection with the seven individuals sharing that room. It appears that in a previous existence, we all wore the monk’s robe and engaged in collective meditation within the confines of a cave. While we may not have journeyed through the entire tapestry of monkhood together, there existed a specific juncture where our paths converged in that cavern for a shared meditation experience. The realization that we all shared a past together hit me like a ton of bricks, and it was pretty mind-blowing. It added this cool layer of depth to how we all connect nowadays.

So, after this mind-blowing realization, the buzzer went off, marking the end of our 30-minute meditation. We all got up, exchanging smiles and greetings. Prashant Muni Ji, being the awesome friend he is, invited us to grab dinner downstairs since the other three monks were finishing up their daily rituals.

Stepping out of the meditation room with my wife and Sanjiv Bhai, along with his wife, we headed downstairs for dinner. And let me tell you, it was a feast! The cook welcomed us with a huge grin, presenting this amazing Thali with Bhindi Sabji, Kadhi, Amala & Mirchi Sabji, Phoolka Roti, and Dudhi Halwa. Every bite was a flavor explosion that sent my taste buds to cloud nine.

After stuffing ourselves, we hung out with Prashant Muni Ji. We had a good laugh, cracked some jokes, and just soaked in the good vibes. However, bidding farewell to the monastery, where they currently reside, was an emotional affair, leaving us with teary eyes.

As we journeyed back, the weight of the meditation revelation lingered, refusing to be easily digested. It required a good two days for me to fully assimilate the profound experience and come to terms with the startling reality that unfolded during those moments of deep contemplation.

These encounters are a glimpse into the transformative power that lies within reach, awaiting your exploration. The conduit to this realm is none other than meditation, a practice that holds the potential to illuminate your path and reshape your perspective. I earnestly encourage you to delve into life’s experiment – to witness the profound shift that unfolds before and after embracing meditation. Brace yourself for a 360-degree transformation that unfolds in the most positive, joyful, and enjoyable ways.

“In the silence of meditation, our souls whisper secrets from lifetimes past.”

– Jugal Solanki

I’m not flaunting or bragging here – credit goes to the big guy upstairs. But my aim is to light a fire under each one of you reading this to give meditation a shot at least once. Try it, and the decision to continue is yours.

Got a meditation tale or life-altering experience? Share it with me; I’m all ears. Your narratives contribute to the rich tapestry of shared experiences, fostering a community connected through the transformative power of meditation.

Catch you in the next blog with more intriguing stories and insights. Stay tuned!!

May you be blessed on your journey. Keep Meditating!

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