Finding Freedom Within: Exploring Dimensions of Independence

Congratulations to all of you! We did it! I’m talking about the successful soft landing of Chandrayaan-3. The entire country was united in prayer, and I sincerely want to thank everyone who contributed to the success of Chandrayaan-3. My prayers go out for the well-being of the entire ISRO team and all those who played an indirect role in this achievement. This is a moment of pride for every Indian. It’s like the cherry on top following our celebration of the 77th Independence Day. I want to extend my heartfelt congratulations to everyone on both the 77th Independence Day and the success of Chandrayaan-3.

All of this got me thinking and delving deep into myself. I began to resonate with a question: Am I truly independent? I’m a 31-year-old now. Looking at my adult life, which they say marks maturity, the span from 18 to 31 years covers 13 years. In these 13 years, have I genuinely become independent? I encourage you to ask yourself the same question: Are you independent?

You might already know that I work as a Chartered Accountant, running a successful firm. I’m earning a good amount, especially considering my age. So, yes, I can confidently say that I am financially independent. But as I thought more about independence, I realized that my perspective was quite limited. What I once thought of as independence turned out to be just a fraction of the whole concept. I’ll share my insights on independence in this blog.

Independence can be experienced at different levels: Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual. This might be a novel idea for some of you. It’s a concept that operates on a higher plane of consciousness. If you approach this blog with unconscious awareness, you might not connect deeply with its message.

“Through inner exploration, we unveil the essence of independence.

– Jugal Solanki

Achieving physical independence is something most people manage. We go about our daily activities independently. But this is a fairly basic level of independence, requiring minimal conscious contribution. If we’re in good health and shape, we can claim physical independence. From what I’ve observed, around 80-85% of the population is at this level of independence.

The real challenge lies at the Emotional Level. It’s almost universally agreed upon that emotional independence is elusive for many of us. Our actions often stem not from our inner selves, but from reactions to external emotions. Emotions like anger, greed, and others don’t always originate within us; they are reactions to external situations. We often say things like, “I shouted because I was angry,” but that statement itself is flawed. In truth, we shouted because someone did something that triggered us. The act of shouting isn’t originating from our inner self; it’s a reaction to an external situation. This line of thought led me to question whether our actions are truly independent or if we’re just following a series of reactions. With careful observation, we can prevent anger from arising altogether. Similarly, how many of us can claim complete control over our thoughts and avoid excessive overthinking? Emotional independence seems to drop significantly, with an estimated range of 30-35%.

Turning to the Spiritual level, it all begins with heightened consciousness, shedding ego, and self-enlightenment. These are the parameters to consider. You might be surprised to learn that only a small percentage of the population, around 3-5%, attains spiritual independence.

These various forms of independence deserve contemplation before we label ourselves as truly independent.

My intention is not only to introduce you to these different types of independence, but also to suggest some measures that could benefit us all. I’m on this journey too, and while I can’t claim complete independence just yet, I’m actively working towards it. This is an ongoing effort,not a one-time achievement.

For Physical Independence, activities like maintaining a healthy diet, engaging in physical exercise, walking, hitting the gym, or dancing are crucial. I’m personally working on becoming physically fit to foster my own independence.

Emotional Independence hinges on mastering control over our thoughts. Meditation is the key practice here. While the purpose of meditation isn’t solely to control thoughts, I believe it can simultaneously address both Emotional and Spiritual Independence.

As we progress in emotional independence, spiritual independence becomes attainable. Emotional liberation paves the way for spiritual liberation. In essence, achieving independence at one level bolsters the potential for independence at the other.

Meditation stands as the gateway to total independence. My prayer for all of you is that you achieve complete independence across all levels. It may seem daunting initially, but it’s far from impossible. Taking the first step is equivalent to reaching the goal.

I encourage you to evaluate yourself at each level and inquire: Are you truly independent in each realm? If your answer is yes, then you’re free to celebrate Independence Day every day, not just on a specific date. But if your answer is no, don’t lose hope. It’s time to introspect and embark on the journey towards independence. Each step you take will instill greater confidence, ultimately guiding you into the realm of the Independent.

If you have thoughts to share about this, I’m open to being part of that conversation. Please share this article with those you know, and let’s join together on this journey towards independence.

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4 thoughts on “Finding Freedom Within: Exploring Dimensions of Independence”

    1. Thank you, Yashika! Delighted that the article resonated with you. 🙏 It’s amazing how exploring various dimensions of independence can lead to deeper insights. Keep embracing the journey! 🌟🌻

      1. Thanks for sharing your views on varied dimensions of Independence. Reading your blog was like seeing the whole concept of Independence through new eyes. I agree with you that we need to work on emotional independence.

        1. Kiran, your thoughtful words truly resonate with the essence of the blog. Thank you for appreciating the perspective on independence, especially emotional independence. It’s an important journey for us all. 🙏🌟

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