Feel Good is the first experience !!

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When I attended the Meditation Camp in 2007, my first experience was I felt so good during those days that I still remember exactly what I felt. My experience might look like a typical Bollywood film, but nonetheless, I felt everything around me was still, calm and moving in slow motion. I had a typical schedule at that time, waking up at 06:00 AM attending coaching classes, then going to school from 10:00 am to 05:30 pm, coming home and freshening up, and then going to attend Meditation Camp at 06:30 pm. It was more like a machine schedule but with the emotion and eagerly waiting the whole day for the clock to knock at 06:30 pm and to attend meditation camp. I was so accustomed to attending meditation camp that I didn’t have any control over me as if someone from within is forcing me to attend that camp.  I always used to sit in the last row.

The meditation camp was for 8 days. By the 3rd day, I volunteered to work which I haven’t imagined even in my dreams. I started volunteering for various work. 

When I look back, I wonder if there was nothing that could have attracted the teenager of 10th standard than how I emerged from my stand of non-attending of camp to actively volunteering during that camp or what forced me to attend that camp.

Those questions were coming to my mind many times. But nature has a beautiful way to answer your question at the right time. In 2015, I got the answer to my question, and that too during almost similar dates when I attended the Meditation Camp. 

During January 2015, approximately between the 21st to 30th of January, I met one person, who turned out to be my “THE SOUL’S BEST FRIEND” just like a 4 am friend in GenZ terms. While discussing with him my questions, answers appeared. I know you all might be eagerly waiting to know the answer, but I would like to say, “Our questions are answered when we are ready to accept the answer.”

So, the answer to my question was, Myself only. Yes, you heard it right. Myself means My Soul. Meditation camp attracted my soul, and my soul has adjusted my whole day in whatsoever manner just to attend Meditation Camp. There was no pleasure for a body like gaming, movies, etc. This was a feeling of good for the soul. Just to feel that good, the soul instructed the body to attend the camp. Day by day, the soul became strong thereby soul instructed the body to work as a volunteer. The soul becomes strong with the only feeling of good. 

Feel good from my point is where the soul celebrates the moments and dominates the body against the general feel-good experience where the body dominates the soul.  At the current time, my experience of feeling good is not constrained to me, but it affects the environment around me also. This is exactly the effect of “Aura”. Some of might be aware of “Aura”, if not I will discuss it in the next blog.

10 thoughts on “Feel Good is the first experience !!”

  1. Twinkle Pithadia

    While reading the article I itself found myself present there at the camp. You’ve described it so well.💛

  2. Absolutely, same happened to me. Sometime at the beginning of meditation camp body/mind gives 10 reasons for not to go but soul creates huge force inside to attend it and after attending, it feels very good from inside which can’t be expressed in words by me.

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