My thought on, Is Meditation a recent fad?

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As I promised in last blog, I would like to share my thought on this subject.

As a practitioner of meditation for a decade, I am convinced that meditation is not a recent fad or trend. In point of fact, it is the only method that has survived for thousands of years.

In the present period, contemplation is becoming moving because of the explanation which were absent a large number of the year prior, still around then individuals used to reflect. Additionally, meditation’s purpose has diminished in importance. At the outset, meditation is the method that was used to achieve Moksha, also known as Nirvana, as well as self-enlightenment. In contrast, it is currently utilized more frequently for focusing, stress relief, stress busting, and numerous other purposes.

Everybody realizes many cycles has items and results joined to it. Similarly, the Meditation Process’s primary output is self-enlightenment, while its byproducts include focusing, stress relief, and other benefits. Whenever I direct such sentiments toward anybody with whom I talk about meditation, the main response they give is, what is the issue in the event that they center around by-products. In response, I somewhat concur that if they concentrate on by-products, they will miss the main product, which would have assisted them in life management as well as stress management. However, very few individuals need to go for item rather many are content with the results as it were.

In the principal ten years of 21st Hundred years, every one of the individuals who were rehearsing meditation, they generally advised individuals to go past by-products and search for self-illumination. Be that as it may, many individuals opposed to it and never endeavored to do meditation. At that time, meditation practitioners began advertising by-products because people wanted to do so. This led to a huge rise in meditation adherents and a new fad.

My conclusion is that meditation is not a new fad; however, because people wanted to focus on stress management rather than life management, practitioners of meditation advertised the benefits of by-products, which drew people from all over the world.

8 thoughts on “My thought on, Is Meditation a recent fad?”

  1. Hrishikesh Joshi

    Agree with Your points.
    We human beings are always quick results centric rather. Anything that stays permanent requires long time dedicated consistency. This is true not just for spiritual aspects but for health, finance and others dimensions of life as well.

  2. Agree with your views on the topic.
    Meditation is definitely not a recent fad. I think that the point is meditation in itself is all encompassing. We have started discovering more of it and applying it’s benefits to many aspects of our life. Becoming self-enlightened in itself is a process and meditation is the path to follow towards it.

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