Beginning of Meditation Journey

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As a child while watching Ramayan, Mahabharat and many any other ancient story, I have seen monks who were meditating and what excited me at the time is they have some superpower by which they can do anything they want. So, my childlike mind always ponders what if I can attain such superpowers, life will be easy. There won’t be any need to study and I can write the correct answers with all my superpowers. This is the time when meditation fascinated me. But still the question arises in my mind, how does the monks seated for hours and hour doing nothing and what they do exactly by just closing their eyes. This question can only be answered when I experience the same. As I do not want to rely on some novels, books, and many other things. I only wanted to know by experiencing the journey of meditation by itself.

I remember the quote of Bruce Lee which is “Research your own experience, absorb what is useful, reject what is useless and what is essentially your own.”

My parents were being follower of meditation since November 2005, but I was not that keen to join due to not knowing what exactly they are doing. When I was in 10th standard, preparing for my board exam, a meditation camp was organized in a multipurpose hall just opposite to my residence. My parents asked me to attend that program but earlier I resisted, but then they’ve explained to me, if I’ll never attend the camp, how will I come to know what exactly you need to do in meditation? I was not much convinced by their answer, but still attended Samarpan Meditation Camp on 21st January 2007 which was organized free of cost and open for everyone. Anyone could attend it, irrespective or religion, caste, creed, race, this feature of Samarpan Meditation Camp attracted me. Also, it was free of cost, who does not like anything that comes free right.

On the very first day of the camp, I experienced the extreme joyfulness and happiness. Which led me to attend whole 8 days of Camp which ended on 27th January 2007.  I had gained amazing insights on topic which starts from Dharma (Religion), Parmatma (God), Sadguru (Living Masters), &the most importantly on the subject of meditation.

I would like to take all of you with me on this amazing experience journey forward which will include some of the insights which I‘ve gained during such camp in the next blog.

4 thoughts on “Beginning of Meditation Journey”

  1. We are in the same boat and experiencing the peace and light we never felt… Keep moving, intensify your साधना gradually… 🙏🙏जय बाबा स्वामी

  2. Hrishikesh Joshi

    Reading spiritual journeys of seekers have always fascinated me. Looking forward to next blogs. Keep it up. 😊👍

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