Exploring the Existence of God: Unveiling the Truth


In my experiences, I frequently encounter the age-old question, “Does God exist?” This query arises from both believers and non-believers, theists, and atheists alike. We often interchangeably use the terms God, Parmatma, and Bhagwan to refer to the same concept. For the purpose of convenience, I will be using the word “God” in this blog. Interestingly, even in everyday conversations when I mention meditation, it never fails to pique curiosity among listeners who wonder if God truly exists. Let’s dive into the root of this question, for the answer lies within.

Understanding the Concept of God:

To begin, we must first ponder upon the meaning of God. If we envision God as an entity who observes our lives from a fixed position, maintaining balance in the world, then such a person does not exist. This is a perspective shared by the majority of people. This leads us to a second question: If there is an observer, why do so many negative things happen in the world? Does it imply that God desires these unfortunate events to occur? Consequently, people often find themselves blaming God, questioning why misfortunes befall them and why God doesn’t intervene to bring them goodness. These questions seem never-ending, without a definitive answer.

In reality, God is a timeless presence, existing in the past, present, and future. God is indestructible. If we were to assign the title of God to a specific human being, it would contradict the concept as it is not possible for the human body to exist in the past, present, and future. So why do we find specific Gods mentioned in Indian Scriptures? In my perspective, these specific Gods were once human beings and, therefore, cannot be labeled as God. But then, why do we worship them? It’s a misconception that has existed for a long time. We don’t worship them because they are God, but because they embody godly qualities in themself.

Now, let’s understand what I mean by godly. According to the previous definition, God is an indestructible force, present everywhere in the form of energy. This godly energy permeates all living things, saturating our surroundings. This energy possesses its own unique frequency, similar to mobile network or radio frequencies. What is the significance of frequency? When we tune in to a radio station’s frequency, we gain access to its broadcasts and the songs it plays. For instance, 93.5 FM operates on a distinct frequency compared to 92.7 FM. Similarly, godly energy operates on its own frequency, just as negative or harmful energy does. Through meditation, when our personal frequency aligns with the frequency of godly energy, we begin to receive messages from this divine energy source. With repeated connections to this frequency, we become attuned to it. Eventually, we reach a state where our consciousness remains connected to the godly energy 24/7, even while we carry out our daily routines. In doing so, we become conduits for this energy. What do we do with the surplus energy obtained from this constant connection? Naturally, we share it with those around us. We pass on the messages received from the godly energy to others, without concerning ourselves with whether they accept them or not. It becomes our nature to distribute whatever we have received from this divine frequency. When continuously someone attains such a state, we mistakenly believe they are conveying their own messages, whereas, in reality, they are merely transmitting the messages they have received from such frequency.

Unveiling the Purpose of Worship:

We often perceive a radio as the device playing the songs, failing to recognize that it is merely the medium. The true essence lies in the frequency, as the radio receives the frequency and translates it into audible sounds. Similarly, the individuals we regard as God are not gods themselves; they are connected to the divine frequency and transmit the messages of godly energy to us. Hence, we perceive them as God.

Each and every one of us has the inherent capacity to embody godliness.

– Jugal Solanki

Can we also embody godliness?

Absolutely! Each one of us has the possibility to be godly. In fact, I would go to the extent to say that we already possess godliness within us. Our ancient scriptures proclaim the phrase “Aham Brahmashmi” which translates to “Aham” (I) and “Brahmashmi” (Godly Energy). It signifies that I am godly energy, or in other words, I am godly. However, it is not enough to merely believe in our inherent godliness without connecting to the divine frequency. Just as every block of stone has the potential to become a sculpted masterpiece, we must chip away the excess stone and reveal the inherent godliness within. This doesn’t imply that someone placed the godly sculpture inside the stone; rather, it is about removing what is extraneous, allowing the godly sculpture to emerge. Similarly, the godly energy resides within each of us, waiting to be uncovered. To connect with our inner divine frequency, we must shed the layers of ego, status, and other unnecessary traits. Once we remove these barriers, the godly energy within us becomes apparent. When we establish a connection with the inner frequency of God, we can truly embody godliness.

The Role of a Sadguru:

Now, the question arises: How do we connect with the divine frequency?

Let’s be clear connecting with such frequencies is by no means easy. Just as we need a mirror to see our own reflection, we require the guidance of an individual who is continuously connected to the godly energy to help us turn inward and connect with it. Only such a person can assist us in establishing this profound connection. We often refer to this person as a Sadguru. It’s important to note that a Sadguru is not God; rather, they maintain a constant connection with the godly energy, 24/7. However, due to this connection, they are sometimes mistakenly perceived as God.

To summarize today’s discussion:

– God, as traditionally understood, does not exist. Instead, what exists is godly energy and the medium through which it manifests.

– Godly energy possesses its own unique frequency.

– Within each of us, there is an innate godly energy, but it remains dormant until we remove the extraneous elements.

– A Sadguru is the person who can guide us in connecting with the godly energy within ourselves.

– It’s crucial to remember that a Sadguru is not God, but rather a conduit who is consistently connected to the godly energy.

– The ancient scriptures contain messages from godly energy, transmitted to us through individuals who were able to connect with this divine frequency.

– Our misconception arises from treating these individuals as God, failing to recognize that they are simply connected with godly energy, not embodying it themselves.


What do you feel about the God and what is your views ? I would be happy to know your opinion.

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6 thoughts on “Exploring the Existence of God: Unveiling the Truth”

  1. Bhushan Pradhan

    I also believe If we start resonating with this devine frequency which we call it as a god I think it is the most valuable achievement for humans and sadguru is a helping hand for this.
    Very nicely explained!!!

  2. Thanks for writing such a detailed blog on such an eternal question ever present for everybody. Agree with what you said and also think that practice of good values and constant endeavor to pursue them and take the path of kindness and empathy will lead us to godliness.

    1. Thank you, Kiran, for your thoughtful comment! I’m glad you found value in my detailed exploration of an eternal question. Your perspective on practicing good values, kindness, and empathy resonates deeply. Indeed, these qualities pave the path toward a more virtuous and enlightened existence. Let’s continue on this journey of growth and understanding together! 🙏🌟 #Gratitude #SharedInsights #JourneyToEnlightenment

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