Journey of Spiritual Connections: Unveiling the Power of Telepathy


Today, I feel compelled to share a profound spiritual encounter that holds a cherished place in the tapestry of my existence. It may sound unbelievable or strange to some, as spiritual or divine experiences often defy the confines of reason and logic. The experience I’m about to recount revolves around the phenomenon of telepathy. So, let’s start this journey together without further delay. #DiscoverTelepathy

The Transformative Practicum: A Journey of Deep Meditation

Back in 2015, I had the opportunity to participate in a 45-day deep meditation practicum organized by Samarpan Meditation. This unique event took place at Samarpan Ashram Dandi, Navsari in Gujarat, right by the serene beach. What made this practicum truly special was the fact that participants were not permitted to have mobile phones or any contact with the outside world. It was a complete and intentional detachment from external distractions. However, despite the isolation, we were far from being alone. Around 200 individuals from different corners of the globe joined this extraordinary gathering. #Journey #Trasnformation

You might be curious about what we did during those 45 days and how our schedule was structured. Among the diverse group of participants, some were assigned to the kitchen team, others took charge of cleaning and gardening duties, and some dedicated their time to security matters. Each person had a specific work routine, but we all shared a common purpose: to immerse ourselves in meditation and attain spiritual experiences.

Dawn to Dusk: The Rhythm of Bliss

Our days commenced with the first light of dawn, at 4:00 AM, and gently drew to a close as the enchanting hues of twilight embraced the sky, around 8:00 PM. It may evoke a sense of ancient times, as we lived without the comforts of televisions, mobile phones, or communication with the outside world. Nevertheless, during those days, we found ourselves enveloped in a state of profound bliss. Dinner was served at 7:00 PM, a time that nowadays is typically associated with light snacks in most cities. To me, it felt like residing in a heavenly realm. While I can’t ascertain the existence of a literal heaven, I can confidently state that, for me, it was an ethereal experience. #Schedule #DailyChores #SpritualThurst

It’s worth noting that during that period, I found myself amidst the intense preparations for my CA Final exam, which was set to commence on the date of 2nd May 2015. Despite the forthcoming exams, I made the conscious decision to partake in this 45-day practicum from January to February. The official duration of the practicum spanned from January 3rd to 17th February, but I chose to extend my stay until 27th February. Whenever I am faced with a choice between spirituality and other commitments, I instinctively opt for the spiritual path. I firmly believe that spirituality encompasses and takes care of all other aspects of life in ways that reverse priorities cannot. #ChoosingPath #SpiritualityOverOthers

Amidst the chaos of life, spirituality offers solace, wisdom, and a deeper understanding of our purpose.

– Jugal Solanki

Unveiling Connections: A Profound Encounter

One particular day stands out in my memory: 18th January 2015, around 12:30 PM. I found myself sitting in a secluded spot on the second-floor staircase wing, wholly engrossed in painting. It was then that I encountered one of my fellow attendees of the practicum. Curiosity led him to approach me and observe my artistic endeavor. Let me clarify that I am not a professional painter, so it would be unwise to anticipate any masterpiece. Nevertheless, we exchanged formal introductions, and he spent about 15-20 minutes sitting beside me, watching my creative process. To my pleasant surprise, even though it was our initial encounter, I sensed an inexplicable bond between us—a connection so profound that it seemed to surpass the boundaries of time and space. From that day onward, we used to meet regularly, this meeting gradually extended from 15-20 minutes to a full two hours. #NewFriendship

Initially, I perceived our friendship as a mere coincidence, evolving into a deep bond within a mere 10 days of meeting. However, I was mistaken. This wasn’t mere chance; it was a rekindling of a deep friendship from previous lifetimes. During those moments of deep meditation, fleeting glimpses of our shared past emerged, revealing a time when we were inseparable companions on a profound journey. And so, we had the privilege of reuniting in this present life. While my life has been blessed with the presence of numerous friends and best friends, the connection I share with him transcends any other relationship I have ever encountered. It reaches depths and heights that surpass the boundaries of ordinary human connections. Throughout the duration of the practicum, he played various roles in my life—acting as a best friend, an older brother, and even a spiritual guide. When our friendship initially blossomed, I never fathomed that I would be fortunate enough to encounter my best friend from a previous life in this one. #BestFriends #FriendshipBeyond

Exploring the Depths: The Power of Telepathy

As the 45-day deep meditation practicum drew to a close, we both made a mutual agreement—an agreement to embark on an extraordinary journey of discovery. Instead of engaging in verbal communication, we chose to delve into the uncharted realms of telepathy. We embraced the opportunity to explore this mystical phenomenon, allowing our minds to communicate on a profound level beyond words. We were driven by a curiosity to test whether telepathic communication truly existed.

At the end of each day, we would share our telepathic messages and compare our thoughts to determine the level of synchronization. To our astonishment, on the first day, approximately 70% of our thoughts matched perfectly. We dismissed it as mere coincidence. Nevertheless, as our experiment unfolded on the subsequent days, the level of synchronicity between us reached astonishing heights, reaching a remarkable 100%. Our minds became intricately intertwined, enabling us to convey our thoughts and emotions telepathically, without the need for spoken words. It was a phenomenon that left us awestruck and profoundly moved. When a phenomenon occurs consistently, it can no longer be deemed coincidental.

As a result, an unyielding conviction began to take root within both of us. We found ourselves wholeheartedly embracing the profound reality of telepathy—a phenomenon recognized and celebrated since ancient times. It became abundantly clear to us that telepathy is not a mere product of imagination or a baseless assertion. It is an undeniable truth, firmly grounded in our personal experiences and observations. It does indeed work, and I affirm this not solely based on blind faith in ancient scriptures but on my own personal experiences.

#PowerofTelepathy #OwnExperiences #Sync

A Friendship Like No Other

Even today, whenever I find myself in need of guidance or when something affects me emotionally, he somehow becomes aware. The same holds true for him; he senses when something significant occurs in my life. At such times, we communicate either through phone calls or via WhatsApp. While we may not possess precise knowledge of the events transpiring, we are guided by an intuitive feeling that prompts us to connect with one another. #SoulFriends #Connections

I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have the presence of a friend like him in my life. He is a true blessing, someone with whom I can openly share my deepest thoughts and emotions without any reservations. Moreover, he serves as a guiding light, providing wisdom and counsel when I am in need. His friendship is a cherished treasure that I hold dear to my heart. The depth of our friendship cannot be compared to the superficial relationships often depicted on screens, be it in movies or on television. However, if we were to draw a comparison, I believe we might find ourselves in the vicinity of the ancient legendary friendships, such as that between Shri Krishna and Sudama.

Now, I eagerly await your response. Your thoughts, experiences, and perspectives are invaluable to me. Please feel free to share with me your own stories. uur exchange of words and ideas weave together a tapestry of shared experiences and profound insights. 

Do you have any such best friends in your life with whom you can pour out your heart without hesitation? Have you ever encountered telepathy in your own experiences? Please feel free to share your stories and describe how your friendships have transformed into deep bonds of trust and understanding.

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6 thoughts on “Journey of Spiritual Connections: Unveiling the Power of Telepathy”

  1. Very well written Jugal. After Reading this blog I was able to recall memories of my 45days GDA at Dandi. Thanks for sharing.
    #Telepathy do exist.

    1. Thank you, Mikhil! I’m delighted that the blog resonated with you and brought back memories of your GDA at Dandi. It’s amazing how these experiences stay with us. Telepathy truly is a fascinating phenomenon that connects us beyond time and space. Your comment means a lot. Let’s continue exploring the depths of spirituality together! 🙏✨ #Grateful #Telepathy #SharedExperiences

  2. External distractions we all have in our life for this I think 45 days is an most significant meditation platform for us
    Through which we can learn our inner soul more purely and very well written we should have that one friend through which we can do endless conversation and I always wait for the weekend to meet my bestiee so I can atleast do a conversation without any hesitation #pure and deep bonds friendship are very strong 🙂

    1. Thank you, Hritik! I’m glad you found the blog relatable and enjoyed the concept of the 45-day meditation platform. Having a friend for endless conversations is truly a blessing, and those deep bonds of friendship are incredibly strong. Cherish those moments and the pure connections you share! 🙏✨ #Grateful #Friendship

  3. Thanks for sharing such an enlightening experience of your life. Feel very much blessed to have read it. I liked the way you explained about being away from external distractions, going into deep meditation state and meeting with someone and conversing through telepathy. It must have given you bliss and happiness of having discovered a soul friend in your life. Thanks again for sharing your views on telepathy. 😊

    1. Thank you, Kiran, for your kind words! I’m grateful that you found my experience enlightening.I appreciate your appreciation for my views on telepathy. Thank you for being a part of this meaningful exchange! 😊✨ #Grateful #EnlighteningExperience #Telepathy #SoulFriend

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