Achieving Spiritual Growth in the Material World: Debunking the Illusion of Separation

Spiritual Growth

In today’s blog, we will look into a question which has been repeatedly asked by many: Can we achieve spiritual growth while living in the material world, despite the challenges and experiences we encounter? #Spirituality #Meditation

At first glance, this question may appear genuine, complex, and important. If you ask this question to people around you, most of them will answer negatively, believing that it is very difficult. However, I personally find this question to be absurd and nothing more than a childish inquiry without any solid foundation or logical validity. It might be possible that many of you may have a different opinion, so let’s explore this topic in detail.

The Illusion of Separate Worlds

There are no two worlds/zones like material world and spiritual world. It is nothing more than an illusion we have created around ourselves. We have believed that these two realms operate under different rules and concepts. However, I firmly believe that there is only one unified world or zone. This prompts the question: Why is it challenging for spiritual seekers to experience growth and progress? While I acknowledge the validity of this question, I maintain that the answer does not lie in the notion of separate worlds or zones. #HolisticLiving #Consciousness

Taking Action Towards Spiritual Growth

Throughout our lives, we have witnessed that every student aspires to achieve good grades during their education. However, only a few manage to attain their desired results. If I were to ask you why not every student achieves the grades they desire, despite their wishes, what would your response be? You are absolutely correct in pointing out that it might be attributed to their lack of focus or dedication towards their studies. To clarify further, mere wishes alone cannot manifest the desired outcomes. It requires action aligned with one’s desires in order to reach the intended goal. Similarly, while many may wish for spiritual growth, only a few actively embark on the path to achieve it. This leads me to ask: Why do we struggle to take action when we possess the desire? My conclusion is that often, we are compelled by external influences rather than genuinely cultivating our own desires. We unknowingly find ourselves conforming to these external expectations. #SelfGrowth #Mindfulness

The Significance of Spiritual Growth

Why do I emphasise the significance of spiritual growth? Simply because it encompasses and nurtures all aspects of life. It is the only type of growth that ensures a comprehensive and holistic development. #InnerPeace #WellBeing

Spiritual growth is not about escaping the material world, but rather about finding inner harmony within it.

– Jugal Solanki

The Power of Meditation

Now, let us ponder an important question: Are we willing to consciously pursue spiritual growth? If answer to this question is Yes, then below para will be worth reading for you and If answer is No, you can skip this post happily.

Focusing on Meditation

At this point, an incident from the Mahabharata comes to mind. During archery training, Dronacharya instructed all his students to aim for the bird’s eye while shooting. Before commencing this exercise, he asked each student what they saw. Except for Arjuna, who replied that he could only see the bird’s eye, everyone else mentioned the bird, the trees, the sky, and various other elements. #SpiritualJourney

Incorporating Meditation into Daily Life

Now, hold on! By giving the utmost importance of meditation, I do not imply that you should abandon everything else and embrace a monastic life. Rather, what I mean is that giving just 30 minutes of your daily routine for meditation is more than sufficient. The key lies in focusing on two fundamental aspects: committing to a regular meditation practice and integrating it into your daily life. #Meditation #SelfGrowth

Overcoming Illusions Through Meditation

Once we establish a consistent daily meditation practice, we begin to realize that the obstacles we attribute to the so-called material world are mere illusions we create as excuses, often unconsciously, to delay our spiritual growth. After practicing meditation for a while, you will notice a major shift in your perspective. You will begin to view life more from the vantage point of your inner self, and the problems that have preoccupied your thoughts for an extended period will be perceived as external issues. Consequently, these problems will no longer disrupt your inner peace and overall well-being. Instead, you will find that your life naturally aligns itself with the path that leads to your inner being. #HolisticLiving #Consciousness

As a result, you will become more mindful and aware in every aspect of your life. You will live a more beautiful and fulfilling life.

As we continue our journey of meditation, a natural curiosity arises regarding our growth and progress. One method of measuring spiritual growth is through Aura Photography, which I discussed in detail in a previous blog post. If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend doing so. (Click Here) #SpiritualJourney #WellBeing

In the next blog, we will delve into the fascinating Aura Report of a saint, showcasing the remarkable transformation that can occur while residing in the so-called material world. Stay tuned! #Spirituality #Meditation

In this blog, we discussed:

    • The question of achieving spiritual growth in the material world and argued against the notion of separate worlds.

    • The importance of taking action and actively pursuing spiritual growth rather than relying on wishes alone.

    • How spiritual growth encompasses all aspects of life, leading to comprehensive development.

    • The power of meditation in transforming our perspective and aligning us with our inner being.

    • The potential for measuring spiritual growth through Aura Photography.

    • Stay tuned for our next blog where we delve into the fascinating Aura Report of a saint living in the material world.

You can download the amazing mobile wallpaper by clicking on below image:

#Spirituality #Meditation #HolisticLiving #Consciousness #SelfGrowth #Mindfulness #InnerPeace #WellBeing #SpiritualJourney #AuraPhotography

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  1. Good blog. Liked the way you explained it step wise. It will help in following in the path of meditation. 👍

    1. Thanks, Kiran! I’m glad you enjoyed the blog and found the step-by-step explanation helpful for your meditation journey. Your support means a lot to me. Keep shining! 👍🙏✨ #Gratitude #Meditation #StepByStepExplanation

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