The Truth behind Manifestation: Unraveling the Other Side

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Lately, I’ve been hearing a lot of people talk about manifestation. When I first heard the term, I wasn’t aware of its meaning and thought it might be related to some festivals, etc. However, later on, I discovered its actual meaning and had a good laugh at myself.

For those of you who are also unfamiliar with it, let me explain in simple terms. Manifestation refers to the process of turning your thoughts, desires, or intentions into reality. It’s like bringing something you want or wish for into your life by focusing on it, believing in it, and taking actions to make it happen. Many people believe it involves giving affirmations to ourselves to fulfill our wishes.

I wondered, “Does manifestation really work?So, I asked this question to many people, and I received different, even mixed, responses. Some strongly believe it works 80-85%, while others think it hardly works at all, maybe 15-25%. As for me, I personally have no experience with manifestation, so I’m not in a position to comment on its effectiveness. However, delving deeper into this subject, I stumbled upon a different realm of questions. What if manifestation does not work? How will it impact the person practicing it? This is one of the negative aspects that no one wants to confront in reality. So, I thought of sharing my perspective and exploring the other side of manifestation.

Manifestation is continuously wishing for the goal which makes journey miserable.

– Jugal Solanki

Let’s understand this with an example.

Suppose I am a student, and I want to secure 80% in an exam. Along with studying, I start practicing manifestation. It means I will affirm to myself that I will get 80% in my exam. I will develop the attitude and thoughts in line with this affirmation and repeat it multiple times throughout the day. By doing so, it will certainly help me stay motivated and take all possible actions to achieve my goal of securing 80% in the exam. Now, there are two possibilities: either I secure 80% or above in the exam, which is what most manifestation followers advertise, or I only score 50%. In the latter case, it will break me down, and I will eventually lose confidence in myself.

Why is that? Because when I had set such high expectations for myself and created thoughts and affirmations as if I got 80%, I will not be able to accept a score below 80%. This puts me in a state where I not only lose confidence but also feel like my whole life has come to an end, leaving me with nothing more to do. On the contrary, if I had not done any manifestation and simply aimed to secure 80%, and then by chance, I got 50%, I would certainly feel bad, but it wouldn’t shatter me. Mainly because I hadn’t created thoughts around achieving 80% repeatedly during my preparations.

No one talks about the emotional turmoil one goes through if the results go against the manifestation. It appears to be a new fad where people easily get attracted to it without knowing the other side of the practice. Let me be clear; I am not against manifestation, but I urge you to choose it with your eyes open and know both sides of the coin. It should be a conscious decision, not just following a trend. Even if this technique works 80-85% of the time, there will still be 15-20% chances where you won’t get the desired result. What will be your emotional state at that moment, and how will you handle it? I am no one to answer that; it’s everyone’s own choice.

But for those who would like to know how to remain balanced in every situation, whether the desired result aligns with our wishes or not, should read further.

I would like to share my personal experience during my education when I was at a very crucial stage – my preparation for the Chartered Accountants final exam.

At the time of studying, I had a schedule planned day-wise, week-wise, and month-wise. Like most people, I couldn’t achieve the targets mentioned in the schedule and always lagged behind. I distinctly remember that during my studies, I had no specific goal in my mind, such as securing a rank or passing with distinction or any specific passing percentage. My sole focus was on preparing wholeheartedly for the exam, and I enjoyed it every single day. When I first appeared for the CA Final exam in May 2014, I cleared the first group but failed in the second group. Many of you might not believe this, but I was not disappointed, and I had no thoughts related to disappointment. I reappeared for the exam in November 2014 and failed again in the second group. Even then, I was not disappointed. Eventually, I cleared my CA final in the May 2015 attempt.

Why was I not disappointed? Because I consciously knew that the only thing in my control was to study and prepare for the exam; the result was just an outcome of that effort. So, it was easier for me to focus on the process rather than being fixated on the goal. To illustrate this, let me describe my emotional state on the day the results were declared. I used to go to spiritual places on result day to be with myself, and I had no urge to check my result immediately. All the time, the results were declared at 11:00 am or sometimes 02:00 pm, but I would check them at 05:00 pm at my leisure when I was in a balanced mental and emotional state.

It’s not that I had no goals; rather, I didn’t constantly wish for a specific outcome. My focus was more on the process. For me, remaining balanced was of the utmost importance, and I didn’t want anything to hamper it. On the contrary, manifestation implies holding on to one specific outcome and fixating on it. If the outcome is achieved, it makes you happy, but if not, it can leave you in a deeper ditch than before.

Being stuck with an outcome or goal makes one miserable, and misery ultimately leads to an unbalanced state of being. An unbalanced mindset can only produce an unbalanced outcome. For me, I know only one technique that has helped me stay balanced throughout my life, and that is ‘MEDITATION.’

I highly recommend everyone to meditate and achieve a balanced mindset. It will automatically take care of everything else. You won’t have to worry about the outcome or the goal. Instead, you will feel that life is beautiful as it is and requires no other changes or modifications.

To summarize:

  • Manifestation is the new fad.
  • The manifestation technique leads you to attach yourself to one desired goal.
  • Attaching ourselves consciously to one goal can lead to a traumatized life if the desired outcome is not achieved.
  • On the other hand, live life with a focus on the process rather than the goal.
  • Do not attach yourself to any specific goal.
  • A balanced mindset produces balanced outcomes, and vice versa.
  • Through meditation, you can achieve a balanced state.
  • Life is beautiful as it is without any alterations.

I would be happy to know your point of view either in support to it or otherwise, as learning is lifetime process.

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8 thoughts on “The Truth behind Manifestation: Unraveling the Other Side”

  1. What an insightful blog!
    Usually I used to think about manifestations,even the YouTubers were also preaching about the same but your blog gave me new perspective about meditation 🌻.

    1. Thank you, Purva! 🌻 I’m glad the blog provided you with a new perspective on meditation. Your feedback means a lot! 😊 #Grateful #Inspiration #Mindfulness

  2. Awsome blog.. 🫶❤️.. always Stay Blessed with wonderful thoughts.. and enlighten others too.. wish you all the best foe your blogging journey..

    1. Thank you, Mayuri! 🫶❤️ Your kind words and encouragement mean a lot to me. I truly appreciate your support on my blogging journey. Stay blessed too! 😊 #Grateful #Blessed #BestWishes #HappyBlogging

  3. Yashika Prashant Raje

    Absolutely loved how clearly you have put your thoughts! Up until now, i had never practiced manifestation owing to the same reason that you stated. But I wasn’t sure if I was thinking right. Reading your blog helped me affirm my thoughts! TYSM n keep writing such reflective blogs

    1. Yashika, your comment truly warms my heart! I’m delighted that my blog was able to provide clarity and affirmation regarding manifestation. Knowing that my words have had a positive impact encourages me to continue sharing reflective content. Thank you for your support and kind words. Stay tuned for more thought-provoking blogs in the future! 🙏📖 #Appreciation #ImpactfulContent #KeepReflecting

  4. Absolutely liked how clearly you have put your thoughts! Thanks for throwing light on this topic and writing such an insightful blog.

    1. Kiran, your comment truly brightened my day! I’m delighted that my thoughts resonated with you, and I’m grateful for your appreciation of the insightful blog. It’s fulfilling to shed light on important topics, and I look forward to bringing more valuable content your way. Thank you for your support and stay tuned for more thought-provoking discussions! 🌟📖 #Gratitude #ThoughtResonance #StayInspired

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