The Friendship Pyramid: From Worldly Bonds to Inner Harmony

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Today I will be discussing about one of the integral parts of our life without which we cannot assume our life to be complete. Our whole world mostly revolves around them. We often hear many Bollywood songs around them. I feel really happy to share thoughts on one of my favorite topics which also resemble with August months’ first Sunday. It’s about FRIENDSHIP.

You might be thinking, what will I be discussed in related to Friendship. It is so obvious topic, and everyone might know more than me on this topic. But what I will be discussing is something new to you. I have categorized types of friendship exist in the world as per my experience. There are five types of friends exist in the world. I have taken bottom-up approach to explain it in details where last type of friends which I will cover is the ultimate or highest in the order.

Friendship, an intricate web of connections that range from worldly expectations to spiritual elevation.

– Jugal Solanki

1) Worldly Friends:

This is the type of friends which generally exists amongst all or rather I will say this is the most common type of friends. In this type of friendship, generally everyone expects something in exchange of their friendship from other. I observed that 90% of the friends falls into this category.

We all have friends, where even though we say friendship means no expectation, no sorry or no thank you but deep down there lies expectation. If you are good to someone then other will reciprocate the same and vice versa.

What we see on movies or even friendship of elderly one that friendship last till the end of life. Why such friendships are not common now a days? Because we have become intolerant towards adjustments. No one wants to adjust or give away their opinion. We have become stubborn and egoistic due to which if friends does not do good to me, then I won’t accept it and immediately call away friendship.

We are constantly in the race to prove our point at the cost of friendship. This has become common, and we are no more emotional towards it rather too practical towards life. If you are good to your friends because they are good to you, then you might fall into this category.

Such type of friends commonly seen at school, college, offices, etc. where we have silent agreement between friends that if you do good to me, I will do the same for you but in case of bad, the same will be repeated for you. Such type of friendship come at the bottom of friendship pyramid.

2) No Expectation Friends:

As you might have guessed that this type of friendship is where there are no expectations from friends. Whatever other does will not impact the action of the other. I see hardly 5% of your friends might fall into it.

Such friends will never expect anything in return to your friendship. They will always help you, guide you whatever may be your approach towards them. Such friends thinks that it’s their duty to help friends. Still sometimes they might be frustrated if you do not recognize their effort. In spite of that they will not utter any word to you.

It is seen that such friends commonly suffer from emotional burden of maintaining friendship. If you are facing the same, then you might fall into this category.

They will be always with you in disregard to your situation. It’s very uncommon to find such types of friends, but if you have one treat yourself as lucky one and try to be good to them due to reason that such friends are hard to find.

3) Spiritual Friends:

One of the toughest friends to find are the one who do not only be with you in every situation but rather always try to uplift your consciousness to another level. They are like gem.

What apart these friends from no expectation friend are their continuous effort to make you more conscious at each and every situation of life. This led to opening of completely different perspective towards any situation.

You can find worldly friends; you can also find no expectation friends, but you cannot find spiritual friends. One of the reasons is spiritual friends chooses you and you cannot choose them. It’s completely their choice that they select you as your friend and try to uplift you.

Impact of such friend so high in your life that your whole life become balanced, and you grow spiritually at much faster pace. I hardly find person with such friends. If I were to give percentage then it would be hardly 3%.

4) Better-Half Friend:

This is one of the most underrated versions of friend. Yes! Your better half means spouse is also your friend. Bond between couple is also has to be that of the best friend. Why so? Because everyone will be spending majority of their life with the spouse.

If your relation is not that of best friend, then it will result into boring relation and then hiding of the facts and irritation amongst each other increases significantly.

From my own experience of marriage, I feel everyone should marry earlier because the other person supports your vision and helps to stay motivated. This can only be possible, if you have the best friend relationship with your spouse.

Now a days, even couple are competing with each other and may be not in great relation with each other which turn their relation bitter. I hardly find 2% of people who develop such bond with their spouse.

5) Own Friend:

This is the last type of friendship but of the highest importance. This seems to be absurd or kind of impossible, but it is of the purest friendship amongst all type of friendship. Why Purest? Due to reason that it involves no other person.

We become our own friend and we do not want any other person to share our emotion or hold our hand. Instead, other person’s presence might disturb our own peace. This is hardest also, as it requires high level of practice to be our own self and to accept our own self as it is without any modifications or alterations.

Many people run away from their own self will find it much harder than other. From my own experience, it is mostly possible by way of Meditation only. As meditation teaches us to be with us and be true to ourselves.

There might be other types also but what I have experienced in my life has been discussed with you. I have been fortunate enough to experience all above types of friends including the last one. It encouraged me to have a word with you on this topic.

Today on Friendship Day, I would like to take a moment to share my latest experience on friendship with my spouse. As I had experience of other friends but not about the friendship with spouse. We both become best friends in just 1.5 years of our marriage life. She helped me a lot to be true to myself and stick to the goal of my life.

I was quite thoughtful about her as I am kind of spiritual person whether she will help me on that or oppose to it. But to my surprise, she did not just help me, but she joined me in my spiritual journey. Our whole world is surrounded by only spiritual things, and we do not like to talk about other things. For me she is like my support without which I would not have been able to start my blogging journey. All credits to this blogging journey and my spiritual progress goes to her only. Thank You Jinalee !!

If you want to be friend of other, be the either second or third category and not the first one. If you do not have any friend in category second or third, then be the one to others.

To all of you, happy friendship day !! Hope this article might be useful to you or motivate you to explore all such friendship. Share with your friends too!!

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4 thoughts on “The Friendship Pyramid: From Worldly Bonds to Inner Harmony”

  1. Yashika Prashant Raje

    very lucid explanation! Never had broken the concept and categories of friendship down this way ever before! Always a great fan of reading your blogs

    1. Yashika, your comment brightened my day! I’m thrilled that you found the explanation lucid and the breakdown of friendship categories insightful. It means a lot to know that my approach resonated with you. Your support as a dedicated reader truly motivates me to keep sharing unique perspectives. Thank you for being a wonderful fan of my blogs! 🌟📚 #Appreciation #UniquePerspectives #GratefulForReaders

  2. Thanks for such detailed explanation. I never thought friendship had such categories and relate to so many different traits of behaviour of individuals. Happy to have you as a friend.

    1. Kiran, your comment warms my heart! I’m thrilled that the detailed explanation resonated with you, shedding light on the diverse categories and traits within friendship. Your kind words mean a lot, and I’m equally delighted to have you as a friend. Let’s continue exploring and growing together on this wonderful journey of understanding and connection. 🌟🤝 #GratefulForConnection #FriendshipJourney #SharedUnderstanding

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