Discovering Positive Energy Fields

Hello, dear Reader Friends,

As we delved into the impact of positive energy fields in our last blog, I find myself compelled to share with you a place that resonates with tremendous positive energy – Samarpan Ashram in Dandi, Navsari, Gujarat.

Life often unfolds in unexpected ways, and we must embrace these twists and turns. Just before I could share this precious discovery with you, the universe orchestrated a visit to this very place last week, temporarily delaying this blog. However, the delay has only filled me with more positivity, and now I am eager to introduce all of you to this heavenly sanctuary.

You may wonder why I am so eager for you to explore it. Since 2007, each visit to this place has left me spellbound. Samarpan Ashram never ceases to amaze me, unfurling the incredible secrets of the self, the universe, and their profound connection. Moreover, it has consistently catalyzed a remarkable transformation in my meditation journey. So, without further ado, let’s dive deeper into this enchanting realm.

In school, we learned that when iron meets a magnet, it temporarily becomes magnetized. I won’t delve into the technical details, but this analogy is profoundly relevant when understanding positive energy fields. Just as iron responds to a magnet’s influence, when we enter the positive energy field of any place, it begins to heal us, causing us to emit positive energy ourselves. This is why our ancient scriptures emphasize the importance of visiting temples early in the morning and commencing the day with prayer.

“Visit high positive energy fields often and witness the 360-degree change in your life.”

– Jugal Solanki

Samarpan Ashram is not a place to merely observe; it is a place to experience. It may lack extraordinary scenic beauty, but what beckons people here is an abundant source of positive energy. To illustrate, let me share my experiences.

In my recent visit last week, I noticed a significant elevation in my conscious awareness. How did I gauge this? Simple, by observing myself. After returning from the ashram, I found myself attuned to the energy of my surroundings wherever I went. Allow me to share an incident that might clarify this.

I was traveling with my office partner and one of my closest friends to a workshop. It was roughly a 1-1.5-hour drive, during which we discussed our friend’s business performance and accounts. Suddenly, I felt a rise in temperature within the car, despite the air conditioning. Curious, I checked my own state of being and realized I was utterly relaxed, free from any racing thoughts. This led me to question why I was feeling the heat. I closed my eyes for a few moments, and I could sense the direction from which the heat emanated. To my surprise, it was coming directly from the driver’s seat. My friend was behind the wheel, but his mind was preoccupied with future plans and worries. I had heard before that excessive thinking could heat up the environment, but this was the first time I experienced it firsthand.

Now, you might grasp what I mean by sensing one’s surroundings. It’s a valuable skill that enables you to perceive subtle details that often go unnoticed by the naked eye. For me, this heightened awareness blossoms at Samarpan Ashram, but for you, it might flourish elsewhere. The key is to immerse yourself in such positive energy fields regularly, as they hold the potential to bring about transformative changes in your life.

(Image of Night at Samarpan Ashram)

Some of you may wonder what to do if you can’t visit such high-energy places physically. In that case, I encourage you to surround yourself with people who radiate more positivity than you do. To elaborate further, the physical journey is not the only path to these places. Just as we’ve adapted to the work-from-home culture, we can also visit these energy-rich places from the comfort of our homes. This, however, requires a balanced and controlled “Chitta,” a topic I will delve into in our next blog.

I implore you to make a habit of visiting places with high positive energy frequently and experience the profound changes in your life. Initially, the transformation may not be readily apparent, but with time, you’ll undoubtedly witness a complete 360-degree shift in your life, as I have.

I invite you to share your favorite positive energy field, a place you can visit repeatedly to receive an endless supply of positive energy.

With positivity and light,

Jugal Solanki

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7 thoughts on “Discovering Positive Energy Fields”

  1. Yashika Prashant Raje

    can’t agree more! the vibes experienced at Ashram are phenomenal and incomparable! blessed to have received the opportunity to go there

  2. Hey Jugal Solanki! Thankyou for sharing this experience. Even I have felt this heat energy. Speaking about one positive energy field, I feel that would be ‘centre’ where group meditation happens. Centres are like Samarpan Dandi Ashram where high positive energies can be felt.

    1. Hello Soham! You’re welcome, and I appreciate you sharing your own experiences. The ‘centre’ you mention, like Samarpan Dandi Ashram, indeed radiates high positive energy. It’s a special place for many seekers. 🙏✨

  3. The Ashram vibe was phinomenal for me because i was 12 years old when i visited first time in the ashram and i was fell very blessed looking forward for the day when gurudev call me again Best experience:sparkles:

    1. Hritik, that’s truly heartwarming! Visiting the Ashram at such a young age must have been an incredible experience. May your journey continue to be filled with blessings and profound moments. 🙏✨

  4. The Ashram vibe was totally blessfull for me because i was 12 years old when i visited first time in the ashram with this positive experience i am looking forward for many more to come:sparkles:

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