Beyond Promises: From Banter to Enlightenment in Puttaparthi

Banyan Tree

Hey there, folks, hope you’re doing awesome! I’ve got a little something to share with you today, a tale that’s a bit out of the ordinary—a story of my recent spiritual escapade on the 7th and 8th of October. Sorry for the Sunday radio silence; I was deep into uncovering the mysteries of my inner self. But worry not, I’m here to spill the beans and take you along for the ride, so buckle up for a lively recount!

The Game-Changing Call:

It’s a pleasant evening in May 2023, post-dinner bliss, surrounded by the warmth of my family. It’s around 10 pm when out of nowhere, I get a call from Siddhi, my buddy from the CA Intermediate journey and a walking treasure trove of memories.

Hey, what’s up?” I say, expecting the usual banter. Little did I know, this chat was about to take a turn into the extraordinary. Siddhi, calling from the spiritual hub of Puttaparthi, Andhra Pradesh, dives straight into the realms of spiritual and out-of-body experiences. Intrigued, I chime in, not realizing that this seemingly casual chat was about to kickstart a transformative journey.

From Casual Chat to Spiritual Adventure:

As we get deeper into the conversation, we shift to meditation and the profound impact it can have on our lives. Siddhi, with all the spontaneity in the world, throws out the idea, “What if we actually visit Puttaparthi together next time? You’d love it!” Without hesitation, I find myself saying, “Yes, absolutely!” Little did we know, in that lighthearted moment, the seeds of a grand adventure were sown. It was one of those whimsical agreements made with a friend, a promise that, at the time, neither of us took too seriously. Life sure knows how to throw curveballs!

Fast forward to August 2023, and what started as a whimsical promise turned into a grand adventure. We had committed to exploring Puttaparthi together, the divine abode of Shree Satya Sai Baba. Little did we know, this spontaneous decision would lead us to an extraordinary journey of self-discovery and transformation.

Beneath the Meditation Tree’s Shade:

The moment we landed in Puttaparthi, we wasted no time and dived straight into the mystical energy that envelops the place. Our first stop was the Meditation Tree in the ashram—a majestic banyan tree that calls out to seekers from far and wide. In just 15-20 minutes of sitting beneath its branches, I felt the powerful flow of energy and sensed the presence of the Sadguru. It was a moment frozen in time, with my spine tingling in response to the energy surge.


Marvels of the Museum:

A pitstop at the museum unfolded the rich history of Shree Satya Sai Baba. Teachings, events, and the essence of his existence were laid out before us, setting the stage for a profound experience.

Enchanting Evenings of Spiritual Harmony:

The evening unfolded in a giant hall filled with Veda Pathan (Vedam), Bhajans, and prayers at the Samadhi. The energy reached its pinnacle during the Veda Pathan, resonating through my crown chakra. Closing my eyes during the Bhajans, I opened them to find Prasad waiting for me—a gesture of divine grace.

Offering prayers at the Samadhi was a sublime experience, and in that sacred moment, a question lingered: Why had Shree Satya Sai Baba called me here? The answer, however, remained elusive. On the second day, despite battling a fever, we continued our spiritual exploration.


Unanswered Questions and Surprising Messages:

Through messages from Shree Satya Sai Baba dating back to 1976-1983 displayed on blackboards throughout the ashram, that our questions found answers. It was a surprise, a confirmation that our discussions and inquiries were guided by a higher force. However, one question remained unanswered was my purpose of visit.

“This journey was a testament to the transformative power of spiritual exploration.”

– Jugal Solanki

The Revelation Within:

Why did Baba call me here?” The answer slowly unraveled during a meditation session back home. It was about confronting my ego, a lingering companion for the past four months. The fever during the visit, a symbolic battle, and the realization struck during meditation – a lesson in humility.

The revelation sank in—I bowed before my Sadguru, seeking forgiveness and pledging complete surrender. This journey was a testament to the transformative power of spiritual exploration, a gem worth sharing with all of you.

Calling All Seekers:

This isn’t just my story; it’s an open call. If you’ve walked similar mystical paths or have tales of divine encounters, share them! Let’s create a tapestry of shared experiences that binds us in the spirit of exploration. 🌍✨

So, until the next Sunday sunrise, stay blessed, stay grounded, and let the flame of your spiritual journey keep burning bright! 🙏💖


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11 thoughts on “Beyond Promises: From Banter to Enlightenment in Puttaparthi”

    1. Hey Sangeeta! 🙏 Thank you so much for your heartfelt comment! I’m thrilled to hear that the blog resonated with you spiritually. May your journey be filled with continued inspiration and moments of profound connection. ✨🌈 #Grateful #SpiritualConnection

    1. Hi Jinalee! 🌟 Thank you for your kind words! I’m thrilled to hear you felt the energy in the words. Your encouragement means a lot. Stay tuned for more soulful shares! 🙏✨ #Appreciation #KeepSharingTheMagic

  1. ur experience is of soul enlightenment n u would havd had similar exoerience at GSD- for the reason that living or Samadhist Guru has only one request- to go beyond body to Soul level. And the challenge for u is to maintain same expereince once u r back home n in this world.. Best Wishes. Jai Baba Swami

    1. Hello Kishore Kavadia Ji! 🙏 Thank you deeply for your insightful words. Indeed, the journey from body to soul is profound, and your reminder is cherished. GSD holds a special place for me too. Best wishes to you as well! Jai Baba Swami! 🌟 #SoulJourney #SpiritualReflections

  2. Harsha M.Solanki

    आपके अमूल्य अनुभव को हमारे साथ साझा करने के लिए धन्यवाद समाधिस्थ गुरु और जीवंत गुरु का शरीर भले ही अलग अलग हो लेकिन तत्त्व एक होने की वजह से चैतन्य एक जैसा ही महेसुस होता है ये हमे भी अनुभव हुआ

  3. Nice experience. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experience. its full of heart touching spiritual self experience. Go ahead and increase your spirituality forever having never ending. its my by heart prayer with Swamiji.

    1. Dear Rajashree Gharat Ji, your warmth touches my heart! 🙏 I’m so grateful for your kind words and heartfelt wishes. Your prayers resonate deeply, and I’ll cherish them on my continuing spiritual journey. Blessings to you and a heartfelt thank you! 🌺✨ #Gratitude #SpiritualJourneyContinues

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